The Art of War

based on a true story…

In the vast and dry Mediterranean landscapes
a shepherd
of thousand sheep and endless skies
holds a Kalashnikov in his hand
leading a bunch of angry men
to fight for all their stolen rights

he couldn’t write he couldn’t read
but smart and brave he was indeed

the driver, the farmer and all underdogs
have had enough of being the thugs

suddenly, it all made sense
they left the lands, the sky, the herds
and claimed their right to have a fence

they ranged, they shot
they bombed and got bombed

and every time they’d lose a hero
they’d cry and swear

we won’t give up we won’t back off
we either die or win this war

the shepherd prayed for the god of right
to kill the wrongs and end the fight

the god of right was true and good
thought the shepherd and screamed: they are doomed

he won’t let down the underdogs
for him we suffered, we prayed and longed

He orders, we do
and his orders are clear

we shall kill the ones

him they don’t fear

the shepherd killed many
to build the fence

and he killed his sister for she fucked with his friends