“I” stands for the speaker, “You” stands for the addressed, Everything else for everybody else

it must have been some twenty years since my adolescence experience thinking about the “I” and what it really means. For somebody who is unaware or free of the perception of the “I”, reality must be a very confusing thing. “I” is my- and everybody els’s name at the same time. The missing link in the mind of the autistic person seems to be something that we possess but aren’t able to explain, deconstruct let alone create. 

3 ulternating ego positions

Stations of the Cross

24 variiations of the unfolded dice, Rubber plate, 100 x 200 x 1.2 cm, 6.5 Kg, Kunstraum Schattendorf, 2010

Sami Ajouri
Sami Ajouri

stations of the cross, details

sleep paralasys

Sami Ajouri
Sleep-paralasys_2021_20x20cm_Pencil on paper

While we like to think that the creation of our existence is a one-time process, whether by the mighty god as a gift to the created ones, or by a random unprecedented physical event – it doesn’t make a difference – because the creation is an ongoing process and it is happening right now.

Shapes and images are generated in the imagination while flowing from one state into the other, creating a pulsing sequence of endless realms and ever-changing landscapes.

Ancient fun

2018 | Acrylic on canvas | 25 x 25 cm