The Art of War

based on a true story… In the vast and dry Mediterranean landscapes a shepherd of thousand sheep and endless skies holds a Kalashnikov in his hand leading a bunch of angry men to fight for all their stolen rights he couldn’t write he couldn’t read but smart and brave he was indeed the driver, the […]


Sami Ajouri

It doesn’t matter whether nature is living war or peace. The waves of sound and of material will behave the same no matter what.Aleppo, Syria – Donau, Vienna2012 – 2020 a huge fire out of a factory in the outskirts of Aleppo, 2012 the sun light reflecting on the surface of the water waves in […]


I managed to convince a friend of mine who had a trusted relationship to these guys, to let me visit them and document the work of their brigade. I told them I am portraying the heroes of this war, a silly idea I thought but they seemed to like it very much. Some of them […]

Cain is the Vilan III

These paintings are from the series Cain. I am working on this series since 2017. The paintings are based on photographs i took during my travels in Syria 2012 – 2013.All men depicted in these paintings were freshly becoming soldiers at that time. Ranging from serious fighters to unwilling ones. I asked them whether they […]